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21 de marzo de 2019
Sentinel Dual: range extension
Nuevo Sentinel Dual 8 kVA/kW y 10 kVA/kW con entrada trifásica y salida monofásica. Ideal para proteger aplicaciones y dispositivos de misión crítica que requieren la máxima fiabilidad.

Expanding its range of Sentinel Dual UPS with the 8 and 10 kVA/kW models with three-phase input and single-phase output with On-Line double conversion technology, Riello UPS always guarantees the maximum efficiency and at the same time hires maximum power flexibility.

Designed and built with innovative technologies and components, they are the best solution for powering mission-critical applications in electromedical environment, data centres and IT that require maximum energy reliability: the risks connected with poor energy quality supply can compromise the continuity of activities and services.

Particular attention was given to the possibility of expanding the power of the UPS to allow the system to grow together with the needs of the company (Scalability): Sentinel Dual can be paralleled up to a maximum of 3 units to triple the initial power of the system by a parallel card. It can also be configured to operate in N + 1 mode, increasing the reliability of critical systems.

Sentinel Dual 8 and 10 kVA/kW, like those from 5-6-8-10 kVA/kW, have an output power factor of 1 and guarantee high efficiency up to 95%.

Sentinel Dual is equipped with a digital display and a user-replaceable battery set; these features include a complete range of interfaces and the PowerShield³ communication software.


• Power factor 1 kW = kVA
• Parallelable up to 3 unit
• Simplified installation
• Operating mode selection
• High quality output voltage
• High battery reliability

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Riello UPS Sentinel Dual SDU: 3 new models for mission critical applications